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Treating Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

For patients with jobs or activities involving frequent overhead reaches, shoulder impingement syndrome is a frequent complaint. Whether the impingement leads to rotator cuff tears, bursitis or other complications, shoulder impingement should not be ignored.

While arthroscopic surgery is sometimes indicated for severe cases, physical therapy is one treatment with proven results. Specifically, at Shanti Physical Therapy, manual therapy can often be the most effective form of conservative treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome — especially when it is added to other physical therapy techniques. Request an appointment at Shanti Physical Therapy to start treating your shoulder pain!

What Patients Can Expect

Because flexibility and strength training can be done in the same physical therapy session as manual therapy moves, patients won’t experience any inconvenience by “adding” manual therapy to their treatment plan. Instead, they will be aided with specific manual therapy treatment, such as soft tissue massage and gentle maneuvering of the shoulder joint.

One typical movement for patients with shoulder impingement syndrome is the glenohumeral joint mobilization-with-movement technique. Our East Windsor and Edison, NJ Therapists are specially trained in these manual techniques are able to perform this seemingly simple maneuver, which utilizes several simultaneous movements, including a gliding motion combined with both an assisted flex and an overpressure motion.

Referring your patients to physical therapists who are certified to perform manual therapy will likely yield favorable results for them. Please don’t hesitate to call our office today in East Windsor and Edison, NJ for more information about our shoulder impingement treatment program.

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