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Cervical fusion is a surgical procedure that joins two or more vertebrae together. It is done to relieve pain and restore stability to the spine. The procedure involves removing the disc between the vertebrae and then fusing them together with bone grafts, metal plates, screws, or rods.

Cervical fusion surgery aims to stabilize the spine and relieve pain. Just like any other surgery, however, there is a recovery period after.

Physical therapy at Shanti Physical Therapy in East Windsor and Edison, NJ can help you if you are recovering from cervical fusion. Our therapists use the most advanced therapeutic techniques to help you feel better and get back up on your feet in no time.

Request an appointment at Shanti Physical Therapy to learn about cervical fusion therapy and how it can help you to return to a normal, pain-free life after surgery.

Cervical Fusion Therapy In East Windsor And Edison, NJ

Cervical fusion therapy at Shanti Physical Therapy aims to help patients regain their range of motion, and strengthen and improve their postural flexibility. Cervical fusion therapy can also help you to gain valuable knowledge about the way your body, specifically your neck and spine, move after surgery.

Following cervical spine surgery, physical therapy can help to prevent or delay the need for subsequent procedures. Your East Windsor and Edison, NJ physical therapist will work with you to improve your ability to look up and down, as well as side to side. The vertebrae in your neck will be able to move freely as a result of this.

There are numerous tiny muscles that wrap around each of your vertebrae to assist keep your spine stable. Your physical therapist may recommend workouts to strengthen muscles that may have been weak before surgery as a result of nerve disorders as well as muscles in the area of your surgical incision and around it.

Remember that your therapist is here to help you feel your best. If there are any questions that arise during your treatment, we encourage you to ask one of our East Windsor and Edison, NJ physical therapists. It’s important to us that our patients feel informed and comfortable with their treatment, and we’ll do everything we can to make your cervical fusion therapy sessions as smooth as possible.

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Have you recently undergone cervical fusion surgery? Are you looking for a healthy, safe way to find pain relief and gain optimal results during your healing process? Shanti Physical Therapy makes recovery much easier for our patients. Request an appointment in East Windsor and Edison, NJ today to learn more about our cervical fusion therapy services and how they can help you!

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