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Have you recently undergone lumbar fusion surgery? Are you now looking for ways to return to your everyday independent life? Rehabilitation is possible with Shanti Physical Therapy in East Windsor and Edison, NJ.

At Shanti Physical Therapy, our team of skilled physical therapists possesses the tools to return you to a healthy and functional state and can assist you in relearning common movement patterns. Are you ready to begin your comprehensive recovery? Contact Shanti Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment.

What Is Lumbar Fusion Therapy?

Lumbar Fusion Therapy is a surgical procedure that permanently connects two or more vertebrae in your spine, removing motion between them.

Spinal fusion techniques are intended to mimic the natural healing process of broken bones. The surgeon inserts bone or a bone-like material between two spinal vertebrae during this procedure. Metal plates, screws, and rods may be used to hold the vertebrae together until they heal into a single solid unit.

Lumbar Fusion Therapy is performed to reduce back pain or correct a spinal deformity.

According to Mayo Clinic, your doctor may recommend spinal fusion to treat:

Spinal deformities

Spinal fusion can aid in the correction of spinal deformities such as sideways spine curvature (scoliosis).

Instability or weakness of the spine

If there is abnormal or excessive motion between two vertebrae, your spine may become unstable. This is a common side effect of severe spine arthritis. In such cases, spinal fusion can be used to restore spinal stability.

Herniated disk pain

After removing a damaged (herniated) disk, spinal fusion may be used to stabilize the spine.

The Benefits Of PT After Lumbar Fusion Therapy

It’s essential to start a post-surgical rehabilitation plan as soon as your doctor states that you’re ready.

The following are a few of the benefits of post-surgical rehab

Regain Lost Strength

The more quickly you regain strength and stamina, the faster you’ll get back to your daily routine. A physical therapy program can target specific areas in your body that need to be strengthened after surgery.

Improve Circulation

Improved circulation facilitates faster healing and reduces the chance of a blood clot forming. Something as simple as massage can improve circulation. Many basic exercises and simple movements prescribed by a physical therapist can promote increased blood circulation.

Your physical therapist will also prescribe you stretches to ensure that your flexibility does not become limited after lumbar fusion.

Reduce Pain and Swelling

The right type of post-surgical treatment can help reduce the amount of pain and swelling you experience after your surgery. Icing and ultrasound are both techniques a physical therapist may use to reduce localized swelling and pain.

Working with a physical therapist after intense surgery may help reduce the likelihood of experiencing a complication, which reduces stress, saves money, and protects your short-term and long-term health!

Begin Your Recovery With Shanti Physical Therapy!

Lumbar fusion is an intense procedure that requires time and guidance to recover from. The physical therapists at Shanti Physical Therapy are skilled at rehabilitating patients from surgeries and can walk you towards a more painless life.

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your recovery? Contact our East Windsor and Edison, NJ physical therapy clinic today to schedule an appointment!

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